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    The Michigan State Geologist Douglass Houghton (later to become mayor of Detroit) reported on the copper deposits in 1841, which quickly began a rush of prospectors. Mining took place along a belt that stretched about 100 miles southwest to northeast through Ontonagon, Houghton, and Keweenaw counties. Isle Royale, on the north side of Lake Superior, was extensively explored, and a smelter built, but no mining of any importance took place there. Some copper mineraliz

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    Douglass Houghton, state geologist of Michigan, publishes a report on the geology of the Upper Peninsula and describes the Keweenaw's copper deposits. Despite his appeal for caution, a land rush would soon start as investors, miners and entrepreneurs attempt to acquire copper-rich real estate.

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    The Great Ancient Copper Mines of Michigan. It is estimated that half a billion pounds (Ref.1) of copper were mined in tens of thousands of pits on Isle Royale and the Keweenaw Peninsula of Michigan by ancient miners over a period of a thousand years.

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    MICHIGAN’S COPPER DEPOSITS AND MINING. The first mineral boom in the United States occurred in 1843 when people from all over the continent began to chase the copper, silver and iron of Michigan’s upper peninsula. These mines were in commercial operation for more than a hundred years.

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    For the next hour or so, you’re a copper miner in the Upper Peninsula, following in the footsteps of those who toiled here long ago. The complete mine effect sets in on the full tour once you’re inside the shaft at Quincy Mine, where it’s dark, chilly (the temperature stays in the 40s year-round) and damp (water drips and pools). Only

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    30/12/2017· Also music from Les Hayden" Not Really" I can no longer find it NOTE: When I mention the singling out the first "White man" to see Michigan copper, What it should have maybe been was the first

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    21/06/2018· On a recent trip metal detecting at an unnamed abandoned copper mine in Michigan's upper peninsula I discovered this awesome piece just laying on the ground. Its going to be an awesome summer, I

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    These 11 Rare Photos Show Michigan’s Copper Mining History Like Never Before. Most Michiganders know that our state played a large role in the earliest days of the copper mining industry, but it’s easy to forget that we once sat at the very forefront of this booming business.

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    Copper mining in the Upper Peninsula boomed, and from 1845 until 1887 (when it was exceeded by Butte, Montana) the Michigan Copper Country was the nation's leading producer of copper. In most years from 1850 through 1881, Michigan produced more than three-quarters of the nation's copper, and in 1869 produced more than 95% of the country's copper.

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    Michigan Tech’s A.E. Seaman Mineral museum is among the finest mineralogical museums in the world. Its laboratories are also critical in performing much of the cutting edge mineral research currently being performed. During the period of most intense copper mining in Michigan, many specimens of local minerals were donated to the museum. Their

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    Silver in the Copper. Pieces of the “native” Michigan copper sometimes have crystals of silver inclusions, mechanically enclosed but not alloyed; this is called “halfbreed copper”. In the commercial mines, the miners are said to have cut these silver nodules off with knives, and take them home.

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    Copper mining in the Upper Peninsula boomed, and from 1845 until 1887 (when it was exceeded by Butte, Montana) the Michigan Copper Country was the nation's leading producer of copper. In most years from 1850 through 1881, Michigan produced more than three-quarters of the nation's copper, and in 1869 produced more than 95% of the country's copper.

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    For many years, mines in the Keweenaw Peninsula were the world's largest producers of copper (see Copper mining in Michigan). The mines began declining as early as 1913, with most closing temporarily during the Great Depression. Mines reopened during World War II, but almost all quickly closed after the war ended. The last copper mine in the

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    Other locations have a few people living in the area. A few of the old mining houses are used by summer residents. Recapture the aura of the mining era when copper was king by walking or driving through some of these ghost locations. Conditions in the late 1800's and early 1900's were tough and these men, women and children were strong and

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    For some in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, a ghost town is home. The end of copper mining left a lot of ghost towns in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. But not all of them are deserted.

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    Fortunately, the mining history of the Michigan Copper Country has been well documented. The READINGS AND REFERENCES list below provides a starter set of excellent books and other publications. There are dozens more and new titles appear frequently. Several excellent websites specialize in Michigan copper mining history.

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    Highland Copper Company Inc. is a Canadian copper development company focused on advancing sediment-hosted copper projects in the Copper Range District of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, U.S.A. The Copper Range district is well known for hosting significant concentrations of copper and silver in numerous deposits.

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    The Adventure Mine is located 36 miles South of Houghton on highway M-26. It is a cooperating Heritage Site of the Keweenaw National Historical Park and provides underground tours of the historic Adventure Mine. The mine opened in 1850 and operated until 1920 and is a native copper mine typical of the Keweenaw area.

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    The Quincy Mine Gift Shop will be open every Thursday, Friday,and Saturday from Noon to 6:00 pm from November 29th to December 21st. A special Open House will be held on November 30th, with Hot Chocolate and treats, pick a prize or discount from our Santa Stocking, and enter to win a specially


    We are located on the beautiful Keweenaw Peninsula in the northernmost part of Michigan's Upper Peninsula, in the historic ghost town of Delaware. Just off U.S. 41, we are 12 miles south of Copper Harbor and 38 miles north of Houghton. Hours are 10:00am until 6:00pm est, 7 days a week, from mid-May until mid-October. Times are subject to change

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    Michigan is a great state for rockhounds. One of the most unique minerals to search for are the copper nuggets and specimens that occur in many parts of the state. Lake Superior agate, petoskey stones, and many other fossils and minerals also occur in this great state.

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    Ancient Copper Mining in the Upper Peninsula By Jeff Smith on December 18, 2008 Tagged Northern Michigan History,Outdoors,Isle Royale,Marquette,Upper Peninsula Photo(s) by Todd Zawistowski

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    Michigan’s Copper Country CMG 92 01 page 3 of 144 The Keweenaw Peninsula Long ago, in the dawn days of the world, Nature must have looked with admiration upon that part of our country

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    In Upper Michigan, the tremendous magnitude of the ancient mining’s waste product(the ancient stone mauls used to separate mineral from rock) bring question just how much copper could have been removed after five hundred years, one thousand years, two thousand years. At one ancient mining site of just a few square miles, it was estimated that these stone mauls would have filled ten wagons

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    The area now known as Michigan's Upper Peninsula contains rich copper resources that were mined extensively beginning in the second half of the nineteenth century. Amazingly, the professional miners who worked the area beginning in the 1850s all describe evidence of extensive ancient minin

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    The copper became harder and more expensive to mine until finally, when cheaper copper could be obtained from other regions, it became unprofitable to mine copper in Michigan. Michigan’s mines, although obtaining pure copper, could not compete with those western mines which obtained copper ores near the surface.

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    the Lake Superior region and the copper deposits of Michigan's Keweenaw Peninsula. The rock units that record the story of Michigan iron are the Precambrian rocks in the immediate vicinity of Lake Superior. They conform somewhat to a structural basin with Lake Superior at

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    Mining continued here under various other owners almost continually until 1968 when, like in dozens of other shafts in Upper Michigan, copper mining was no longer profitable. Labor strikes also played a large role in the closing of mines in Michigan. However, #6’s story was not quite closed, as another company, Homestake Mining, drained and

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    14/10/2019· The Adventure Mining Company offers a variety of tours of the Historic Adventure Copper Mine. Choose from easy 45 minute underground walks to 3 hour excursions that feature rappelling down and 80 foot underground shaft. No fancy electric lights or.

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